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Rebuild Kit for Fleck 5600 Softener Valve


  • Brand name: AFWFilters
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Item Dimensions: 3.0″L x 1.0″W x 3.0″H
  • No batteries required

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Fleck 5600 SOFTENER Valve Rebuild Kit – Includes Piston (60102-10), Seals & Spacers (60125), and Brine Valve (60032) by Fleck


  • Fits Fleck 5600 SOFTENER valve
  • Includes softener piston (60102-00), seal & spacer kit (60125), and brine valve (60032)
  • Genuine Fleck Parts

Water Softener Standard Valve Rotor & Seal Kit – Part # 7238468


  • Water Softener Standard Valve Rotor & Seal Kit
  • Factory original replacement parts
  • Fits most major brands standard valve water softeners (Whirlpool, Kenmore, EcoPure, GE, Morton, NorthStar), see model list in product description below

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Fleck FP-56SXT-RBKS Rebuild Kit 5600SXT Digital Softener Valve 60102-71 60125 60032


  • Rebuild Kit For The Fleck 5600Sxt Digital Softener Valve Kit Includes Piston Assembly (Fleck Part# 60102-71), Seal And Spacer Kit (Fleck Part# 60125), And Brine Valve Piston Assembly (Fleck Part# 60032)
  • Fleck Parts – These Are Genuine Fleck Parts, Not Generic Replacements
  • For The Fleck 5600Sxt Digital Filter Valve Rebuild Kit, See Fp-56Sxt-Rbkf. A Different Piston Is Used For The Fleck 5600Sxt Backwashing Filter Valve
  • From The Brand Name: Fleck

American Water Solutions Rebuild Kit For Fleck 2510 Softener Valve


  • Rebuild kit for Fleck 2510 softener valves
  • Genuine Fleck parts kit which includes the 60090 piston, 60121 seal & spacer kit, and 60011 brine valve assembly

Ensure your satisfaction guarantee on water softener rebuild products purchased

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Impresa Water Softener Venturi Gasket Replacement Pack of 3, Kenmore Part Number 720436, Compatible with Whirlpool, Kenmore, Kenmore Elite & Ecodyne, Kenmore Water Softener Parts Replacement


  • Replacement For Kenmore 7204362 Water Softener: This part replaces a venturi gasket in a Kenmore 7204362 water softener and comes in a great value pack of 3.
  • Easy To Install And Replace: Simply follow your manufacturer’s instructions for your electric water softener. Most water softeners unit’s venturi gaskets can be replaced in minutes without modification.
  • The Perfect Fit: Regain perfectly soft water with this perfectly fitting replacement part. This part is essential in preventing leaks from your venturi housing within your electronic water softener.
  • Widely Compatible: with Kenmore, Kenmore Elite, Ecodyne and Whirlpool. Including: 625394260, WS2000,625388180, AIF10, 625386200, 6253490000, 6253488000, 62538848003, 6253488001, 625388260, 6253488002, 6253488003, 625349250, 625388100, 625388460, 625384260, 625393060, 625349222, 625349221, 625349220, 625348571, 625348730, 625349225, 625348731, WS1000, 625347200, 625348410, 62538846003, 625348811, 625348812, 625348732, 625348810, 6253490002, 6253490001, 6253490004, 6253490003, WHES20 & more
  • This is an aftermarket product manufactured by Impresa Products. Any other brands mentioned are for illustrative purposes only and are in no way affiliated with Impresa Products, nor do they endorse Impresa Products.

Fleck Style 5600 Softener Main Piston, Seals, Spacers, Screw, Brine Piston, Lower Brine Seal, with Molykote Sealant | Fleck Style Piston 60102-00, Seals and Spacers 60125, Brine Piston 60032 |


    Pro Products ResCare All-Purpose Liquid Water Softener Cleaner, 1-Gallon Bottle


    • Resin Cleaner: Res Care is a specially formulated cleaning agent designed to restore and extend the life of polluted resin beds contaminated with metallic and organic compounds that can erode surfaces and affect performance
    • Res Care Water Softener Cleaner: Res Care cleans resin pores of iron, manganese and metal particles; it’s a fast and effective way to prevent iron and mineral buildup in the water softener, resin and surfaces
    • Easy to Use: Res Care liquid water softener cleaner can be poured directly into the brine well or salt tank; a half-cup treats most residential water softeners
    • Cleans and Maintains: Res Care liquid resin cleaning solution is formulated to improve the lifespan and performance of your water softener, reduces hardness and scaling issues, protects your water softener and maximizes its performance with regular use
    • Safe Water Softener Treatment: Add the liquid cleaner to your water softener according to the given directions; Res Care is NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI 60 for drinking water

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    Fleck (60032) 4600/5600 Brine Valve Piston Assembly


    • Genuine Fleck product

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