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SonoHealth Portable EKG Heart Rate Monitor | Wireless Handheld Home ECG Cardio & Electrocardiogram Machine | Biofeedback Finger & Chest Leads View Irregular Cardiac Arrhythmia Vitals on a Mobile Phone


  • ECG PERSONAL MONITOR: Fingertip touch meter for monitoring vital or heartbeat irregularities
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Wirelessly syncs heart health data to your iPhone or Android devices
  • ARRHYTHMIA DETECTION: EKGraph sensors detect vital warning signs more accurately than other heart monitors
  • BRIGHT LCD SCREEN: Clear display shows BPM, heart rate, and EKG wave pattern without a smartphone
  • UNLIMITED FREE STORAGE: SonoHealth mobile app monitors and stores unlimited EKGs for you and your doctor
  • SOCIAL GOOD COMPANY: For every EKGraph you buy, we will donate a teddy bear to a child in a hospital on your behalf!


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    KardiaMobile Single Lead EKG – 7 Detections with KardiaCare (includes 3 month access) – FDA-Cleared – By AliveCor


    • GET MORE OUT OF YOUR KARDIAMOBILE WITH KARDIACARE. Includes a KardiaMobile personal EKG and access to 3 months of KardiaCare. KardiaCare provides 3 additional arrhythmia detections, unlimited EKG recordings and more.
    • DETECT MORE HEART CONDITIONS THAN ANY OTHER PERSONAL EKG including: AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, PVCs, Sinus Rhythm with Wide QRS, and Sinus Rhythm with SVE.
    • #1 DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED PERSONAL EKG. KardiaMobile is the most clinically validated personal EKG in the world, allowing you to record a medical-grade EKG in just 30 seconds with instant analysis right on your smartphone.
    • GET BOARD-CERTIFIED CARDIOLOGIST EKG REVIEWS. Have your EKG analyzed by a cardiologist every 90 days. You’ll get an expert’s review of your heart activity without leaving the home.
    • KardiaMobile is COMPATIBLE WITH MOST POPULAR PHONES and TABLETS. To use your Kardia device, you must download the Kardia app on a compatible device running at least Apple iOS 10.3.3, or at least Android OS 6.0. Visit the Alivecor website for complete list of compatible devices.

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    Our leads view irregular cardiac arrhythmia products have many advantages and you can find more details by clicking on the leads view irregular cardiac arrhythmia product link in the blog.

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    Puritans Pride CoQ10 100mg, Supports Heart Health, 240 Rapid Release Softgels


    • Helps support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system
    • Promotes energy production within your heart and muscles
    • Supports good oral health, which has been linked to cardiovascular health
    • Contains a four- to eight-month supply of easy-to-swallow, rapid-release softgels that offer superior absorption.
    • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations, when provided.


    Lathem Time Proximity ID Badges, Pack of 15


    • Uses RFID technology to identify employees
    • Durable and reusable proximity ID badges for use with Lathem PC50 and PC60 time and attendance terminals.
    • 15 unique badges per pack.
    • Can be used with lanyards and badge reels.


    KardiaMobile Personal EKG Device and Heart Monitor – Single-Lead EKG – 3 Detections – Detect AFib from Home – FDA-Cleared – by AliveCor


    • EKG ON THE GO: Capture unlimited medical-grade EKGs in 30 seconds and get an instant analysis right on your smartphone. KardiaMobile is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can take it with you anywhere.
    • EASY TO USE: Simply place your fingers on the sensors to detect Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and Normal Sinus Rhythm. Additional detections and features available with KardiaCare subscription. KardiaCare is not included with this product.
    • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: KardiaMobile is FDA-cleared and the #1 doctor-recommended personal EKG with more than 100 million EKGs recorded.
    • EKG HISTORY: With the press of a button, email your EKGs to your doctor or save them on your phone, no subscription required.
    • KardiaMobile is COMPATIBLE WITH MOST POPULAR PHONES and TABLETS. To use your Kardia device, you must download the Kardia app on a compatible device running at least Apple iOS 10.3.3, or at least Android OS 6.0. Visit the Alivecor website for complete list of compatible devices.
    • Not recommended for use with pacemakers and ICDs and does not detect heart attack.

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    OMRON Gold Blood Pressure Monitor, Portable Wireless Wrist Monitor, Digital Bluetooth Blood Pressure Machine, Stores Up To 200 Readings for Two Users (100 readings each)


    • The OMRON Gold Wrist Monitor provides unlimited memory and stores 200 total blood pressure readings for 2 users. The OMRON Gold Wrist Monitor also works with the OMRON Connect free app which is compatible with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.
    • No.1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand of blood pressure monitors.
    • The high morning average indicator alerts the user if systolic or diastolic measurements are out of normal range in the morning, when there is a higher risk for heart attack or stroke. This feature is unique to the Gold and Platinum series monitors.
    • The Gold wrist monitor comes with premium OMRON features like Heart Zone Guidance, which helps to guide your wrist to the proper position (at heart level). Ultra-Silent inflation feature allows for measurements to be taken quietly and discreetly.
    • Backed with a 5-year warranty. OMRON stands behind the accuracy and quality of our products, and believes in the longevity of our blood pressure monitors; Registered with the FDA as a medical device.
    • This product meets the Validated Device Listing (“VDL”) criteria for validation of clinical accuracy, based on the independent review and acceptance of documentation submitted by the manufacturer.


    Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor for Heart Rate (Off-White with GRAY)


    • 【RELIABLE】From the ABS shell, OLED screen, acrylic panel, high-speed computing chips , anti-skip silicone inside, medical-grade silicone finger mold and various electronic components of oxygen finger monitor, all adopt high-quality materials and components. Even the spring of the oximeter finger has been subjected to thousands of tests. We will never use any cheap material to make oxygen monitor.
    • 【ACCURATE】The fingertip pulse oximeter deviates less than 1% under lab conditions. Upgrade OLED and sensor allows SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation level) and pulse rate measurement at low blood perfusion index. Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index can help you to judge whether your measured SpO2 and Pulse Rate is properly.
    • 【Bright OLED Screen】The large Dual-Color OLED screen is large and bright, you can read SpO2 and pulse rate clearly even in strong sunlight. The finger oximeter designed for sports or aviation use like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or people interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate. Oximeter finger chamber with smart spring system, accommodates wide range of finger sizes – children over three year old to adult.
    • 【24 MOTHS WARRANTY】24 months of manufacturer warranty. If the product has quality problems, please contact the seller for free replacement via Amazon Mail. The fingertip pulse oximeter is for sports and aviation use.For sports or aviation use only.
    • 【EASY TO USE】Just place your finger inside the chamber of the finger oximeter, press the operating button, and then wait. Within 10 seconds, you’ll have an accurate reading of you SpO2 levels and pulse rate.


    Optima Heart – Heart Health Supplements – Artery Cleanse, Lower Cholesterol & Blood Pressure – by OptimaEarth Labs


    • QUICKLY HELPS CLEAR CLOGGED AND NARROWED ARTERIES – Studies have shown that LPA, a sticky variant of LDL cholesterol that we call PLAQUE only binds to sites of Lysine residue on the artery wall, by increasing the amount of Lysine in the blood, the free-flowing Lysine competes with Lysyl residue on the artery wall, preventing LPA build and helping to dislodge and dissolve any existing plaque build-up.
    • PROMOTES HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE – Our formula with Vitamin C together with Lysine and Proline, promote the production of natural arterial collagen, which helps make the arteries STRONG and SUPPLE and help reduce high blood pressure/hypertension. As well as HEALING ANY ARTERIAL LESIONS, which can lead to a build-up Lpa plaque and narrowing of the arteries. OPTIMA HEART keeps the ARTERY CLEAR!
    • HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL PROFILE – As more and more of the medical establishment are now agreeing, some forms of Cholesterol are absolutely essential to HEART HEALTH. Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline in combination, have been shown to help in lowering levels of LIPOPROTEIN (a) or Lp (a). This is the sticky, nasty variant of LDL Cholesterol which causes narrowing of the arteries. OPTIMA HEART helps arteries stay cleaner and helps to balance the cardiovascular lipid profile.
    • OPTIMA HEART IS A SUPERIOR HEART SUPPORT FORMULA that replaces HANDFULS OF SEPARATE PILLS and cholesterol lowering products / high blood pressure supplements AND includes many additional nutritional supplements recommended by experts in the fields of medicine for optimal cardio health. And it SAVES MONEY by combining all these nutrients into one easy to take powder taken mixed with water daily! For Men and Women for HEALTHY HEARTS, LOW BLOOD PRESSURE AND LOW CHOLESTEROL LEVELS.
    • TRUSTED! MANUFACTURED IN THE USA – All OptimaEarth products are manufactured in the USA following strict GMP guidelines. In addition, all OptimaEarth supplement are inspected by an independent 3rd party lab to assure the vitamins are the highest quality. Choose Optima Heart as no one ever regrets buying the best.

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