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Battery Tender 5-45W Automatic Solar Controller


  • Usable input range between 5-45 Watts
  • Battery Tender Solar Controller allows you to convert an existing solar panel into a solar charger using Battery Tender patented Super Smart Charging Algorithm.
  • Small and compact charge controller
  • Reverse polarity and spark proof operation
  • 3 year limited warranty

Recommend You Choosing The Top 10 automatic battery controller Products

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USAutomatic 520007 – Replaced with 520001 – 12VDC 2 Amp Battery Charger Controller by US Automatic



Yinhing Power Supply Controller, DC Power/Battery Switch DC 12V 24V 36V 48V 10A Power Supply Battery Controller Emergency Automatic Switch Module


  • This controller is used for emergency battery switching; when there is power on main power source terminal, it will connect to main power source as power supply; otherwise, it will automatically switch to battery
  • When the power on main power source is back, it will switch to main power
  • Designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection
  • Convenient to use, it will automatically identify voltage between 12V and 48V DC
  • Widely used for controlling power supply of incubator, laptop, network

Buy the best quality automatic battery controller product you can find

You’ll want to buy a automatic battery controller product that has good quality. It will last longer and be worth your while in price, too! It’s a well-known fact that you get what you pay for, so buy only the best to ensure satisfaction.

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Galcon GAR6S2322P0 7101D Battery Operated Sprinkler Timer with a Waterproof, Professional Irrigation Controller 3/4 inch Valve


  • EASY AND FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMING OPTIONS – Sprinkler timer With 6 large buttons that allow you to irrigate weekly, every day, or cyclic (from 8 starts time a day up to once in). Irrigation duration from 1 minute up to 12 hours. Easy fit for hoses, faucet and for smart outdoor sprinklers.
  • WEATHER AND UV RESISTANT IP68 CONSTRUCTION- Durable in all weather conditions with Waterproof Valve and Large LCD screen. A single station battery-operated controller, works great for sprinkler boxes without a power outlet nearby. Portable and easily placed programmable timers for your underground sprinkler system kit.
  • SINGLE PRESS RAIN DELAY BUTTON – A great water savings feature is the single press “Rain Delay Button” that pauses irrigation when you see that rain is very likely. Press the same button again to allow irrigation when the rain passes. Perfect inground installation to regulate your sprinkler valve.
  • IDEAL FOR AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION – Our portable irrigation valve timer is ideal for automatic operation of Drip and sprinkler systems with the inline irrigation valve of 3/4 inch. You can install it either above or below grade in the remotest of the places. battery irrigation controller is a tough design that works well submerged in water.
  • SATISFACTION – If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our 1-Station water sprinkler Battery Operated Controller, simply contact our friendly customer service experts we will do everything we can to make things right

Hunter Industries Sprinkler NODE100 NODE-100 Battery Controller with Solenoid, Small, Blue


  • Dependable battery-operated controller for automatic irrigation of sites without AC power
  • Convenient battery-life indicator signifies the need for battery replacement
  • Durable, waterproof enclosure seal protects against moisture ingress
  • 3 flexible programs with 4 start times each and run times up to 6 hours
  • Suspend irrigation up to 99 days during the off-season
  • Easy Retrieve memory backs up the full irrigation schedule if ever changed
  • Seasonal adjustment for quicker schedule adjustments without changing run times
  • Mounts to Hunter solenoids, pipes, flat surfaces, or inside the valve box

There’s no denying that online shopping is a convenient way to buy automatic battery controller products, but it’s important to be careful when selecting a retailer.

Some online stores are less reliable than others, and may not ship automatic battery controller products as promised or may even send fake goods.

So before you make your next purchase, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable retailer.

Buying from a reliable store will help ensure that you get the automatic battery controller product you ordered and that you’re not taken advantage of. Thanks for reading!

【2021 New Year’s Special】Battery Automatic Switch Module, DC 12V 12A 150W AC Automatic Emergency Switch Module Power Supply Controller


  • AC Adapter/Battery Switch, 100% brand new and high quality.
  • DC Backup Battery Switching Module, This controller is used for emergency battery switching; when there is power on 12V power adapter, it will connect to adapter as power supply(green light on); otherwise, it will automatically switch to battery as power supply(red light on).
  • Automatic Switch Module , Designed with copper terminals for convenient wire connection.
  • Emergency Power Switch, Effective control current is up to 12A, power is up to 150W at 12V.
  • Backup Battery Switch , Widely used for controlling power supply of incubator, computer, network.

MPPT Controller, Fydun Simplified Version MPPT Charge Controller PCB Circuit Board Solar Panel Regulator 12V / 24V LCD Display Automatic Battery Controller Orange + Black(40A)


  • 【Introduction】- The Solar Charge Controller can detect the generated voltage of the solar panel in real time and track the highest voltage and current value (VI), allowing the system to charge the battery with maximum power output. It is the brain of a solar cell system used in a solar cell system to coordinate the work of a solar panel, battery and load. This product is widely used and is an improvement on the traditional solar charge and discharge controller.
  • 【LED Display】- Dual USB Charge Regulator with clear LED large display and multiple LED indicators to display system operation information, customizable parameters, and error code. The display can provide digital indication, voltage, load identification, battery level identification, charge identification, etc.
  • 【Auto detection, dual USB output】- PCB circuit board with built-in solar voltage regulator, military quality, anti-aging, effectively improve class A. Support PC software, APP and MT-50, 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V DC auto detection system compatible with voltage seal, gel, underwater, lithium etc, various deep cycle battery options. Various load control methods Dual USB port output is more convenient and meets the needs of various current electronic products.
  • 【Quality Assurance】- We provide high quality assurance with new high quality, high quality products with 100% solar panel regulator. If you ask a question about the model number of this product, please contact us in time, we will do our best to reply within 24 hours. You can buy without worry.

Choosing the right automatic battery controller products

One of the primary reasons consumers choose to buy a product is that they know it works. It is important to replace worn-down items with newer, more useful ones. This blog post will explore what you need to know about updating your household products and give you some suggestions about how you can do so!

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DC Power Switch Module, 12V 24V 36V 48V 10A Battery Power Source Controller Automatic Switch Emergency Battery Change


  • ★★★【Used for】This controller is used for emergency battery switching; when there is power on main power source terminal, it will connect to main power source as power supply; otherwise, it will automatically switch to battery.
  • ★★★【Features】When the power on main power source is back, it will switch to main power.
  • ★★★【Easy to Use】Designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection.Convenient to use, it will automatically identify voltage between 12V and 48V DC.
  • ★★★【Widely Used】The power supply controller is widely used for controlling power supply of incubator, laptop, network.
  • ★★★【After Sale】We supply fast and convenient return or replace service to insure purchasing without worries. If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us.

DC Backup Battery Switching Module, 5V~48V 10A Battery Charging Automatic Switch Adapter Emergency Power Controller Module


  • 【Easy to Use】The power supply controller is made of high quality meterial, designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection, can be used for long time
  • 【Characteristic】The backup battery switching board is compact design, easy to carry and store, it will automatically identify voltage from 5V to 48V DC
  • 【How to Use】The battery charging controller can be used for emergency battery switching; when there is power on main power source terminal, it will connect to main power source as power supply; otherwise, it will automatically switch to battery
  • 【Practical】The power supply controller module is convenient to use, when there is power on main power source, it will charge battery continuously
  • 【Application】The DC battery switching module widely used for controlling power supply of incubator, laptop, network to achieve uninterrupted power supply

MPPT Charge Controller P-CB Circuit Board Double USB Solar Panel Controller 12V / 24V LCD Display Automatic Battery Controller 40/50/60 / 100A(50A) for solar charge controller mppt mppt renogy rover l


  • [Multifunction] The MPPT controller can detect the voltage generated by the solar panel in real time and track the highest voltage and current (VI) so that the system can charge the battery with maximum power. It is the brain of a photovoltaic system that is used in photovoltaic systems to coordinate solar modules, batteries and loads. It is an improved product of the traditional solar charge and discharge controller. for solar charge controller mppt solar charger controller
  • [Automatic detection, recording system] Automatic detection of system voltage, 12 / 24V automatic detection. The solar modules, batteries and solar charge controllers are all interconnected via a negative MOSFET series control loop. The load control mode can be selected to reset the timer function of the street lamp at night. Record the total run time of the system, the error timer during runtime, and the time of the fully charged battery. for mppt solar controller battery charger
  • [Safety Protection] MPPT solar panel controller is safe to operate with reliable over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-charge protection and over-discharge protection. It protects the battery from overcharging the solar module and from deep discharge of the load. Extend battery life and improve system performance. At the same time it increases your safety considerably. for renogy rover li 20a mppt solar charge controller 30a 12v/24v mppt
  • [Advanced Chip] Industry-standard main control chip, 16-bit sampling accuracy, temperature, charging current and discharge current are accurately displayed in real time. Three-stage charge management for effective protection of the battery. Two way moss tube backflow preventer, high performance charging mode, extremely low warming. for mppt 30a mppt 100a
  • [LED Display] MPPT battery controller, user-friendly LCD display and human-machine interface operation. Display system operating information, customizable parameters, and error codes. The display provides a digital display, voltage, load, battery condition and battery identification. If you have questions about the model number of this product, please contact us in time. for mppt regler

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12V 24V 20A Automatic MPPT Solar Charging Controller Battery Regulator System AGM Gel Lifepo4 Support


  • 🔥12 / 24V system voltage automatic identification supports three-stage battery power display, intuitive and clear.
  • 🔥Support Lead-acid/AGM/GEL/Lifepo4 batteries
  • 🔥Battery controller uses high-accuracy temperature detection and compensation circuit and battery life is more durable.
  • 🔥The charge controller is exquisite structure and accurant circuit design maximize the use of the entire controller space.
  • 🔥Adopt single chip control, the MPPT solar panel regulator has the advantages of intelligence, strong adaptability and reliable function, etc.
  • 🔥Using MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, this controller can work at the best power point of the I-V curve with an efficiency of up to 99%.

Renogy 10 Amp 12V/24V PWM Negative Ground Solar Charge Controller Compact Design w/LCD Display for AGM, Gel, Flooded and Lithium Battery, Wanderer 10A


  • 【12V/24V Automatically Detect】Automatically detects 12V or 24V DC system voltages, and the LCD screen and multiple LED indicators display the solar charging and battery operation information, customizable parameters, and error codes
  • 【Smart 4-Stage PWM Charging】Smart 4-Stage PWM charging (Bulk, Boost, Float, and Equalization) increases battery life and improves system performance. Intelligent protection against reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuit, and reverse current.
  • 【Compact in size】Which makes it easy to install virtually anywhere.
  • 【Multiple battery adaptation】 Deep Cycle Sealed (AGM), Gel, Flooded and Lithium battery option ready.
  • 【Wanderer10A|30A Installation Notes】 The default starting position of the Wanderer controller terminal hatches are closed (in the UP position) that could mistakenly look like an open wire hatch. Make sure to FIRST lower each terminal hatch by screwing the terminals counterclockwise (CCW) to expose the wire terminal hatch to the open position. THEN secure each cable by rotating the screws clockwise (CW) to the closed position.

YouBlue – Smart Bluetooth Auto


  • Smart Bluetooth adapter control
  • Automatically connect to car stereo
  • Automatically start music player

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Xbox One Play and Charge Kit


  • Compatible with the original Xbox one wireless controller and the new white Xbox wireless controller
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack. Compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10
  • Charging cable. Fully charges in under 4 hours
  • Battery chargers: Automatic Shut-Off, Mini-USB connector
  • Say goodbye to AA disposable batteries

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