HYS Surveillance Kit Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset Built-in line mic PTT(Push to Talk) with Medium Silicon Earmold (3.5mm S/P 4C Thread) Jack for Yaesu Vertex VX-6R VX-7E VX-127 VX-170 Radio


  • Acoustic Tube- The acoustic tube earpiece is one of the most popular and versatile earpieces. Low-profile, flexible, transparent acoustic tube transmit sound in high quality the transparent tube would be hardly noticed by others around you.
  • Earpiece Mic- Built-in electric mic. The hidden micro-speaker is located in the centre of PTT switch. The push to talk (PTT) mic is sensitive and directional, so you don’t have to turn or tilt your head to transmit. Just push the button and talk. The kit is lightweight, easy to use and includes one clothing clip to conceal the wires and to secure the mic to your uniform.
  • PU Cable- Good quality cables tend to be soft, flexible and resistant to snagging. The polyurethane-jacketed, Kevlar coated cabling provides extended field life. One Wire Earpiece is the most popular, most basic, general purpose earpiece. One wire comes from the radio to the earpiece.
  • HYS 3.5mm S/P 4C thread earpiece working for YAESU/Vertex Radio: VX-6 VX-6E VX-6R VX-7E VX-7R VX-120VX-127 VX-170 VX-177 FT-270 FT-277. Designed to ensure quality and performance, HYS accessories are lightweight, comfortable, low-profile and work for some MOTOROLA Icom Alinco Radio model.
  • HYS 3.5mm S/P 4C thread Earpiece by Earphone Connection (Tactical Ear Gadgets) for radio is used by more law enforcement officers (firemen, EMTs ,Sports, Fairground and other professionals ) across the nation than any other receive/transmit earpiece. The clear tube provides a more discreet option for those that need to receive messages privately.

HYS G Shape Earpiece Headset with Built-in line mic PTT(Push to Talk) Ear Hook Earpiece(3.5mm S/P 4C Thread) Jack for Yaesu Vertex VX-6R VX-7E VX-127 VX-170 Handheld Radio


  • Solid strongand durable cable. (Spiral and Straight) PU Cable Reinforced by Kevlar Long-Life Design. Comfortable holding.
  • Inline Ptt Switch – The inline switch sets you up for controlling push-to-talk features on your radio, and a lapel clip keeps it handy and out of the way. Talk and listen without holding the radio. Clear sound performance.
  • High-quality Earpiece provide clear audio communication. Fashionable PTT design with metal clip. the Earpiece may be secured to the users lapel or clothing; Comfortable holding. High quality sound even in loud environments.
  • HYS G Shape earphone is designed for law enforcement officers, firemen, EMTs, Sports, Fairground and other professionals who wear their radio or clipped to their shirt.
  • HYS 3.5mm S/P 4C thread earpiece working for YAESU/Vertex Radio: VX-6 VX-6E VX-6R VX-7E VX-7R VX-120VX-127 VX-170 VX-177 FT-270 FT-277.

KS K-STORM Covert Acoustic Tube Walkie Talkie Earpiece Headset with Mic Compatible with 2 Pin Kenwood Two Way Radio, PU Material, Black (Kenwood)


  • The earpiece is made of durable PU material
  • With this radio earpiece that includes a state-of-the-art, in-line PTT microphone, it’s easier than ever to use your radio device for hands-free communication – No distortion, attenuation or frequency jumps
  • Earbud Adopts the soft silicone, comfortable enough to forget it’s there
  • Big size PTT and wearing gloves does not affect the key operation
  • The two way radio earpiece is compatible with leading radio headset brands Kenwood, Puxing, Wouxun, Baofeng. DON’T WORK FOR Motorola and Midland Radio

Looking for acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line products with must to have functions to suit your needs

You are looking for a acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product that has the best features and functionality as well as being affordable.

We cover things to look out for when purchasing acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line products, from durability to price. The must-have functions of a product are its usability, quality, and longevity so customers can use it for years to come.

The blog also provides details on some must-have functions of acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line products. This information might be just what you need to make an informed decision about which product would work best for your need!

KS K-STORM Replacement Acoustic Tube with Earmold Compatible for Motorola Kenwood Baofeng Midland Two Way Radio Acoustic Tube Earpiece and Headset(2 Pack)


  • ☆ Universal replacement coil tube for acoustic tube earpiece
  • ☆ Includes coil tube, mushroom-shaped ear tip, earmold and twist-on connector
  • ☆ Clear acoustic tube are special ergonomic design,very soft and comfortable, reduce the tiredness of hearing
  • ☆ Compatible with two way radio earpiece of motorola, kenwood, baofeng, hytera, miland, icom, harris and more
  • ☆ Please make sure to avoid the product getting wet or use the product in moisture condition. If it stops working, it’s because there’s moisture inside the tube. Blow the tube to make the moisture out of the tube and the earpiece will work perfectly

A acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product is a good thing that can make your life better, if you buy a branded acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product, the quality will be better, so it will give you a better experience and bring you more happiness.

Usually, a acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product’s after-sales service is divided into two parts: one is the seller’s after-sales players, who have good after-sales service, and the other is the company’s own technology and practical ability.

A seller’s “after-sales player” means that the seller answers questions quickly, express enthusiasm and responsibility, etc., and fulfills responsibilities.

The acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product warranty period provided by the manufacturer covers all aspects of acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product quality and repair, so this is also a factor in consumer purchases.

Each website has specific procedures for warranty claims, and different websites have different procedures.


HYS 3.5mm Police Listen Only Acoustic Tube Earpiece with One Pair Medium Earmolds for Speaker Mics


  • 3.5mm Listen Only Earphone
  • Left Ear and Right Ear Medium Size Silicon Ear pier
  • Open Ear Insert Earmolds are designed for use on two-way radio acoustic tube type surveillance earpieces
  • Great for use in crowded or loud environments
  • This is designed to fit Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, Ritron and Maxon radios and Remote mic

Retevis Walkie Talkies Earpiece with Mic 2 Pin Acoustic Tube Headset for Baofeng UV-5R Retevis H-777 RT1 RT21 RT22 Arcshell AR-5 2 Way Radio (10 Pack)


  • Hands free compatible with radios and the acoustic tube fits snugly in the ear and keeps your conversations private
  • Sensitive built in mic with PTT allows you for no-nonsense hands-free calls; great for smooth communications with your partners
  • 360°stainless fixed clip that you can fix the PTT to the convenient place
  • Excellent for use in police military nightclubs bars paintball security restaurants hotels bouncer warehouses and noisy environments
  • Compatible with Retevis H-777 RT21 RT22 RT-5R RT17 RT18 RT19 RT27 Baofeng UV-5R series BF-F8HP BF-888S Arcshell AR-5 Kenwood two way radio and more

Replacement Acoustic Coil Tube for Motorola Baofeng Kenwood Walkie Talkie Earpieces and Two Way Radios Headset (10 Packs) by KCTIN


  • Replacement Covert Acoustic Coil Audio Tube for Two Way Radios Headsets
  • Perfect for the Retevis Luiton Arcschell 10 Packs Walkie Takie Earpieces’ Replacement
  • Made of Good Silical Gel, Safe, Light-weight, Comfortable and Easy to Installat
  • Fits Most of Brand of Walkie Talkie Transparent Acoustic Tube Earpiece, please Check the Connector
  • Please Check the Connector before You Oder. Free Return and Fast Refund in 30 days, 180 days Warranty

Choose acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line products with good material

The material goods that we buy are no longer made with the same materials they were years ago, and this can have a huge impact on their longevity. For many of us, buying something used is not an option because it’s hard to know whether or not its quality will last for more than a few months.

And consumers simply accept that their cheap purchase will break at some point because that is just how things work in these countries. The material of the product is a detail that you may care about. For example, if someone is looking for a purse, they might want to know whether it’s made of genuine leather or some other kind of materials like plastic and fabric. Material can affect how something feels and looks as well as its durability.

Pay attention to measurements when ordering online because sizing can be different across brands and even within the same brand across colors or styles! Make sure that if there are two sizes available that you order one size up from what you usually wear.

The acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product needs a warranty or guarantee for defects in workmanship and material.

MaximalPower RHF 617-1N 3.5mm Receiver/Listen ONLY Surveillance Headset Earpiece with Clear Acoustic Coil Tube Earbud Audio Kit for Two-Way Radios, Transceivers and Radio Speaker Mics Jacks (3 Pack)


  • Headset with speaker with hearing protection and sound press certification; fits two-way radios (audio only), radio speaker mics, remote mics, MP3 players, and other audio accessories with 3.5mm earphone jack
  • 100% compatible with all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Output level: 72dB, Rated input power: 0.1W, Maximum input power: 0.2W, Output impedance: 32 ohms
  • Polyurethane jacketed, Heavy Duty Material, Superb Audio Quality, Rugged Design. Total Length: 33.5″ (unstretched)
  • Package Includes : 3x 3.5mm Receiver/Listen Only Surveillance Headset Earpiece

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkie Earpiece 2 Pin Acoustic Tube Headset with Mic PTT for Retevis RT15 RT21 H-777 RT68 Baofeng UV-5R BF-888S Two Way Radios (2 Pack)


  • The earpiece is long enough for you to hang on anywhere;plug to PTT is 52 inches
  • The transparent tube connecting the ear bud makes you look like a secret service agent
  • The comfortable earbud can fit to the ear and enjoy long time using;will not hurt your ear
  • You can communicate hands free with your teammates because of the sensitive PTT and microphone
  • Compatible with Retevis H-777 RT21 RT22 RT-5R RT17 RT18 RT19 RT27 Baofeng UV-5R series BF-F8HP BF-888S Arcshell AR-5 Kenwood two way radio and more;before purchasing please confirm on the details page whether your walkie-talkie model is included

So you’ve made the decision to finally search for a new acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line product, but what do you go with? There are so many options and it’s hard to know which one will be best. It may even take some time and effort on your part. You’ll need to figure out how much money is available, where the products are sold, and if they’re right for your needs.

But don’t worry! We put together this blog post as a way of guiding you through this process. Here we discuss all of these topics in-depth as well as offer some additional tips that might just help make your decision easier!

So now that we’ve gone over everything you need to know about searching for the best acoustic tube earpiece headset built-in line products.