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Fiskars 157400-1001 Titanium TripleTrack High Profile Cutting Replacement Blades- 2 Pack


  • Ideal for replacing dull blades on SureCut Trimmers featuring the TripleTrack system
  • Ultra-sharp blades cut cleanly and smoothly
  • Titanium blade coating that is three times harder than steel helps the blades stay sharper longer and resist wear, scratches and corrosion
  • Lifetime warranty

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Fiskars Triple Track Replacement Blades-Straight 2/Pkg


  • Fiskars Triple Track Replacement Blades 2/Pkg-Straight – Style I

Fiskars 158290-1001 Titanium Rotaty Cutter Replacement Blades, 45mm, 2 Pack


  • This package contains two 45mm titanium coated-rotary cutter blades
  • Titanium coating is 3 times harder than steel
  • Works with Fiskars 45mm rotary cutters and most other brands
  • Genuine Fiskars quality in a modern crafting tool

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Fiskars 195960-1001 Trimmer Cutting Replacement Blades Style G, Orange 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.47 cm


  • For use with classic portable paper trimmers (with non TripleTrack design)
  • Comes with 2 straight cut blades
  • For Fiskars 9 inch and 12 inch personal paper trimmer
  • Blade style G

Fiskars Personal Paper Trimmer Replacement Blades-2PK


  • Contains 2 per pack
  • Straight Edge

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Fiskars 157390-1001 Titanium Rotary Replacement Blades, 28mm, 2 Pack


  • Made in China
  • Package length :3.75″
  • Package width :4.0″
  • Package height :0.5″

Fiskars TripleTrack Replacement Blades, Style I (196750-1001),Orange


  • Includes 2 straight blades
  • For use with trimmers with tripletrack rail design only
  • Straight blade
  • Imported

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HFS 17″ Blade A3 Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter (A3-17” Cutter Blade)


  • Replacement For Newest Version of HFS 17″ Paper Cutter SKU 16167
  • Be Sure to Compare Measurements To Your Current Blade!
  • Not guaranteed to work with other brands of stack cutters
  • WARNING: Item is extremely sharp, use extreme caution when opening package and replacing your blade.

HFS 17″ Stack Paper Cutter – Replacement Cutting Stick (17″ Cutter Stick)


  • Red Cutting Stick -Square 3/4″ x 3/4″
  • Length – 17.5″
  • Material – PVC
  • Hardness: 80-82
  • OEM Quality

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